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Working Holiday Maker In London - The first impression

London Working Holiday Maker

Well I believe it has been nearly three months since I left the glorious shores of Sydney so I thought I should put down some of our adventures on paper. Adventure is an inappropriate adjective to describe living in London . The only adventures to be had are much like the drink-induced frivolities had at home. Otherwise its all work, public transport, glasses of wine, friends (though far fewer), laughter, Neighbours, constant trips to the supermarket, boyfriend dramas, shopping (just as detrimental to one's savings account as was back home), grumpy mornings, sport on the TV and of course promises to eat less and exercise more.


London living is studded with obvious perks such as

  • Spring blossoms. The ancient grave yard near our house is a mass of lichen covered stone, under a canopy of thick fairy floss in all shades of pink.
  • The Monday morning buffer which includes gossip magazines for under £1, sitting in a coffee shop drinking cappuccinos and smoking fags (indoors!).
  • Portobello markets, walking the streets of Notting hill with a styrofoam cup of spicy, steaming mulled wine.
  • Walking along the Thames Perfectly pleasant if you squint to block out the rubbish, listen to the sounds of outboard motors, or preferably, visit it at night.
  • Flatmate Jess, from country Victoria , who actually says things like 'going at it Hammer and Tong' in sentences yet teaches academic English to international students.
  • Weekends in Devon (by the sea south England , tiny villages, each house a different pastel shade), Brighton (seaside sleaziness at its best think video games parlours, rock candy and soggy fish and chips), Scotland (we did the touristy 'Haggis tour' and had an absolute ball. Edinburgh is the quaintest and untainted city I've yet seen).
  • Coming home inebriated and without my keys. Trying to throw my lip balm at the window to wake my boyfriend up. Succeeded only in waking up our downstairs neighbour, a freaky witch doctor type. Happily accepted his offer to go inside and call Kirk. The witch doctor locked the door behind me though this did not feel scary at the time. Thankfully Kirk woke up and I escaped unharmed.
  • A great job, where I get to liaise with lovely Londoners and escape from the bitter wind outside.

London living also has serious downfalls.

  • warm beverages
  • Needless to say, the expense. Our London stay has already been extended until the end of June, due to the rapid depletion of Australian funds.
  • A general lack of popularity. I deluded myself that I would meet people instantly and within a week or so have a massive group of friends. My good friends in London could go on a road trip to France in one car. Don't get me wrong, one meets heaps of people at the pub, but these tend to be fleeting and only momentarily enthusiastic relationships.
  • Poor Kirk having to cope with me constantly. My independence has been thwarted. If he says he is going for a beer with the boys, I turn into the whiny, clinging girlfriend. Selfish I know, but at this stage friends need to be shared!

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