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Morden to Tooting Broadway where to live guide Tube

TubeNorthern Line Area Guide - Morden to Tooting Broadway

Welcome to our guide to living near the Northern Line.

This part of the Northern Line in one of the most affordable areas on the whole network to live. The whole area is fast changing and becoming more popular with people who cannot afford to live further up towards Clapham.

We are starting at the South and working up to Tooting Broadway.

Morden, Zone 4- Right at the foot of the Northern Line

Morden is approximately 35 minutes from Central London by tube. Morden is a typically white working class area made up of many ex-council houses. The underground station is right in the town centre which has a modest selection of high street shops.

Morden might be unfashionable but along with this comes affordability. You can easily pick up a room in a shared house for well under £100 a week and One bedroom flats start at around £600 a month.

Why would you move to Morden?

Morden has excellent transport links in and out of London. It is near major roads which makes it easy to get out London for weekends. It is much more affordable than many places on the Northern Line. You will always get a seat in the morning.

Why would you not move to Morden?

Lack of trendy bars and too many High Street type shops. Quite a poor area. Not much in the way of nightlife. Quite a long way from Central London. Quite an unfashionable place to live.

South Wimbledon, Zone 3/4- A possible up and coming area?

South Wimbledon is approximately 40 minutes from Central London. The area is pretty mixed and starting to see the sign of gentrification. Around the tube station there is a large number of council flats on one side with more traditional victorian houses on the Wimbledon side.

Many working holiday makers and young working people are starting to live around the area. Possibly the best thing about South Wimbledon is it's proximity to Wimbledon itself. You can walk from South Wimbledon to Wimbledon Centre Court shopping centre in around 10 to 15 minutes.

It is easy to pick up many shared houses (double rooms) for under £100 a week and One bedroom flats tend to go for around £650 per month.

Why would you live in South Wimbledon?

Affordable to rent and buy in South Wimbledon. The close proximity to Wimbledon Village and the Town Centre. Nice large victorian houses. Many young working professionals in the area already. Great transport links. You have access to all the underground and overground links from Wimbledon itself.

Why would you not live in South Wimbledon?

Still looks quite run down and shabby. Few decent cafes and bars on the Colliers Wood and Merton side of South Wimbledon. Quite high crime from nearby local authority estates. Not a particularly cool area to live.

Colliers Wood, Zone 3- A fast changing area

Colliers Wood is changing fast. There are lots of new flats being built to the south of the station along with hotels, gyms, shopping centres and industrial parks. The area is typically white working class but again this is changing. Many South Africans have chosen Colliers Wood as their home in the capital.

Colliers wood is approximately 35 minutes from Central London and has easy access to the A3 for getting out of the capital. It remains one of the few area in London without parking restrictions, although only in certain areas. There is a huge Sainsbury's here that is popular as well as several retail parks.

In terms of eating and drinking Colliers Wood still has a long way to go before is matches the areas further up the line. There are a couple of trendy bars in the high street and a modest selection of inexpensive restaurants.

Rents for one bedroom flats start at around £650 and you can pick up a studio for £550. There are lots of victorian houses in the area that have been converted in shared houses and a double room in a nice house should not cost more than £90.

Why would you live in Colliers Wood

Could be an up and coming area. There are good retail amenities in the area. Colliers Wood is still quite cheap to rent and buy considering it is in Zone 3. There are many young people moving to the area and families tend to be selling up and moving out. The areas south towards Tooting are quite peaceful and there is plenty of parking.

Why would you not live in Colliers Wood

The area is still lacking in places to go out to. Because Colliers Wood has been traditionally a family area to live the amenities still tends to be geared to them.

Tooting Broadway, Zone 3 - A very mixed area that's becoming gentrified.

Tooting Broadway is where I expect South Wimbledon and Colliers Wood to be in 5 years. Tooting Broadway is a typically mixed London suburb which has a large South Asian population. Don't be fooled though. There are many young professionals living in Tooting Broadway now giving the area a nice mix of people.

Right outside the tube station you have the main Tooting shopping centre which tends to be geared to High Street shops. There is an increasing number of smart Coffee shops and little bars taking over from fast food joints and Wetherspoons type pubs.

The area is traditionally very working class with many rows of Victorian terraced houses around. Some of the houses are really starting to show their age now so some streets can appear quite scruffy.

You can pick up a double room in a decent house for under £100 a week and rents on a One bedroom flat would start around £700 a month. You can still pick up studio rooms for around £500 a month but these tend to be very popular.

Tooting Broadway has an excellent range of dining possibilities, particularly if you like muslim or Indian food. This is one of the last stops on the Northern line where you can expect to get a seat during the morning rush hour(s).

Why would you live in Tooting Broadway?

Great bus / underground and overground links. Has one of the largest hospitals in South London so popular with medical staff. Great mix of people in the area translating into lots of different dining options. Although not as trendy as further up the line there are now some smart cafes and bars in the area.

Why would you not live in Tooting Broadway?

The area is very congested with traffic at most times of the day. The area can look a bit scruffy at times particularly if you are coming along for the first time.

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