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UK Working Holiday Guide

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When you should come to the UK? Visit Britain com

The best times to come to London and the UK for work and employment

Why come to the UK in winter? You'll probably here locals say this if you arrive tanned and healthy in mid-winter. The UK winter, while generally mild (particularly in the South) might be reason enough to delay your departure.

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Here is a little fact for you. Only two cities of over 5 million people lies above 50 degrees North. Moscow is one and London is the other. Fortunately for the UK the Gulf Stream brings warm conditions up from the sub-tropics to spare the UK the weather of Siberia BRRRRRR!

In fact winters in London are really quite mild and it does n't rain in London much more than Sydney (a point emphasized in London's successful Olympic bid in 2005).

Basically the UK (and London moreover) tourist season starts around Easter and peaks in July. Of the 20 million or so tourists that come to the UK you can make a bet many will spend some time in London swelling the capitals already high population in the summer.

Although things get a bit hectic around the school holidays in July and August there is no better time to experience the outdoors and to perhaps seek casual work. Many Brits go on holiday themselves at this time and leave plenty of gaps in the labour market that need filling in the absence.

London is a 365 day a year city and there is demand for office work year round. The peaks are just after companies budgets are set (Mid April) and around September just at the end of the summer holidays and when academic year starts.

An ideal time to come to London would be March. You will have just had your summer and things are starting to warm up weather wise in the UK (although many still consider this as winter in the North).

You can settle in and find somewhere to live in March and be ready for the strong employment market surge in April.

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