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UK Working Holiday Guide

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The UK Working Holiday Visa

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The U.K. is an extremely popular destination for working holiday makers. Currently all young Commonwealth citizens can do any type of work in the U.K.

The main countries that benefit from the UK working holiday visa is Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. All these countries have reciprocal agreements with the UK.

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Basic Conditions for a UK Working Holiday Visa

Firstly you have to be a Commonwealth citizen and aged between 17 and 30 years of age. As part of your visa entry you are allowed to do any type of work although you are expected to take some holiday at some point during the two years.

It is expected that you will have enough funds to support yourself until you find work. Under most circumstances, you will not be able to claim any benefit during anytime of unemployment. You will also have to pay for a return or onward ticket.

Under most circumstances, you will be expected to leave the UK at the end of your two years. There may be a number of options if you decide you want toextend your stay. Please consult the Home Office web site for the latest on work permits and your rights to stay.

Your two years in the U.K.

Your two years working holiday visa starts from the moment you enter the U.K under those conditions and will finish exactly two years later regardless of what you do in that time.

For instance, if you decide to leave the country for one year during your two year visa then you will only have one year as a working holiday maker.

Working in the U.K. on your two year working holiday visa

You can work for one year in the UK in any profession and live in the UK for up to two years.

UK Working Holiday Visa requirements and applications

- You must apply for your working holiday visa from outside the U.K at your local British consulate or embassy. Please note that you will have to satisfy the requirements from your particular consulate. This does not normally affect applicants from Australia, Canada, New Zealand or South Africa.

- Your entry clearance certificate will then be placed in your passport and is valid for up to three months. You should look to arrive in the U.K within these three months.

- We advise that you make a copy of all documents before you depart for the U.K. In particular it would be a good idea to make a copy of your visa application in case you are questioned by British immigration officals.

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