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UK Working Holiday Guide

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The different types of UK Visas available Passports

Piccadilly Circus, LondonWays into the UK - Visa options

In order to work in the UK legally you will need to be holding a working visa or work permit of some sort unless you are British, European or from a member country of the European Economic Area.

There are a variety of UK work visas, work permits, passports and ways to gain UK citizenship.

Listed below are the various routes one can take in order to live and work in the UK.

UK Working Holiday Visa

For more information on the UK Working Holiday Visa then check out our section on UK Working Holiday Visas.

UK Ancestry Visa / Right to Abode

This visa is available to Commonwealth Citizens who has a Grand Parent who was born in the UK. You firstly apply for the 4 year Ancestry Visa and then after such time you have right to abode and can stay in the UK indefinitely.

If you parents were born in the UK you can go straight to the Right to Abode with indefinite leave to remain.

If you're relying on your Grand Parents then you will need to first apply for an Ancestry Visa.

There has been some announcements recently in the news about changes to the Ancestry Visa so keep an eye on our Working Holiday News section for any updates.

UK Spouse Visa

You are eligible to apply for a UK Spouse Entry Visa if your spouse is a UK Citizen, or has an Ancestry Visa or Right to Abode in the UK, or is sponsored to work in the UK.

This Visa entitles you to work in the UK as well as your spouse.

UK Highly Skilled Migrant Program - UK HSMP

This is a relatively new scheme aimed at educated and skilled applicants who may want to come to the UK to seek work.

The Highly Skilled Migrant Program is based on a points system. You gain points by having certain skills and educational background. It is currently popular with skilled computer engineers from the Indian Sub-Continent.

Sponsorship from a UK employer

This is usually the case if there are no further avenues open to you and can be one of the hardest ways to gain UK employment.

You basically have to approach employers yourself and gain contacts this way. There are specialist recruitment companies that can help you with this.

There are particular professions that seem to be popular with this method of entry for instance Nursing, Teaching and certain Engineering jobs.

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