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All change at UK border controls by 2014

Thinking of coming to the UK as a visitor?

UK Border security to be automated

200 Million passengers pass through airports in the UK every year. The prediction is that by 2030 this number may have increased to beyond 600 million!

As a result of this prediction and the increased risk to national security the UK government wants tighter controls on it's borders.

The E-Borders project, which could set the Government back £400 million, will check passengers bound for the UK even before they board their flight.

It is thought that this system will be up and running by 2014, just missing the London Olympics of 2012.

The system will work with biometric passports and new biometric visas.

UK passports will also include a biometric identifier, increasing security further from later this year.

Airlines will be fined if they fail to submit passenger information to the e-borders system.

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