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UK Working Holiday Guide

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Travel to Europe and the Rest of the UK - Europe Travel

Piccadilly Circus, LondonWorking in the UK and Travelling Around Europe

One major drawer card for working holiday makers in the UK is the cost and time it takes to visit new countries.

Many people either come over and backpack around mainland Europe as soon as they land or temp for a few months and travel on the British pounds they have earned.

Either way traveling is definitely a major part of the whole UK working holiday experience.


Links for Flights to Europe

> Link to Air France UK for flights from the UK

> Link to Opodo for flight booking to Europe

> Link to Expedia for flights to Europe

> Lastminute.com for flights worldwide


Tour Companies to Europe and Beyond


There are a number of companies that provide tours across Europe ranging from semi - independent tours, that simply provide transport, to organized tours that take you across Europe with experienced guides.

A couple of examples of these are:

> Kuoni Travel Adventure and Holidays to over 65 countries

> Volunteer Travel Company - with simply volunteer. Teach, Conserve, Help and more...

> www.busabout.com - Busabout is a semi guided tour across Europe. It provides bus transport to a number of different destinations and different routes that you choose yourself.

> www.contiki.com - Contiki is a guided bus tour that also takes you to a number of destinations across Europe. Contiki provide their own staff to guide you and also arrange accommodation each step of the way.

If you want to travel completely independently you can always purchase a Eurail pass and jump on a train and do it yourself.

If an extended tour is not something you are looking to do you can always book a flight and take off for a weekend. Some examples of sites to check for cheap flights are:

For travel throughout Europe, South African's are recommended to visit http://www.eurovisa.info for more detailed & up to date information.

Special conditions and restrictions apply to most of the work visas, therefore it is very important that you contact your local British High Commission or British Embassy at least two months before your intended date of departure as they will require documents to prove eligibility for certain visas.

For more information on UK visa requirements visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website

The Rest of the UK and Ireland

Many travellers spend there two years in London and Europe and never see any of the U.K!

The U.K. has a huge variety of attractions, both natural and man made outside of the capital. For such a small country there is a wealth of history, culture, natural beauty, exciting activities and ways to relax away from the stress of the big city.

The trainline.com is where you can book all types of train ticket for all train operators in the UK...

> Link to Trainline.com

Big Bus Tours for London and other major cities

> Link to Big Bus

The London Pass - £40 off sightseeing around the capital

> Link to the London Pass

> www.macbackpackers.com

> www.paddywagontours.com

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