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UK Working Holiday Guide

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Some reasons to head to the UK for a working holiday

Why you should think about working in London and the UK

You can be anything you want and do whatever you want in London. You can re-invent yourself, hang out with locals, your own countrymen and women or people from most countries on the planet.


All it takes is for you to have the courage to get on the long haul flight and come over to the UK. OK it's going to cost a bit to get here but you'll soon make that up when you land that plumb job in Central London paying more than you'll ever earn in your home country.

There are lots of personal reasons why you might consider coming over to London. Maybe you are bored with your job, frustrated by the career options in a smaller economy or maybe friends have recommended the trip to you. Maybe you have just ended a relationship or maybe you just fancy a complete change!

There is no easier place to work overseas than the UK for young Aussies, Kiwis, Saffas or Candians. English is the language (and the locals can usually understand your variants), your professional qualifications are normaly recognised and most importantly there is a huge infrastructure designed just for you! An infrastructure of employment agencies, housing agencies, tax consultants, sports and social clubs, bars, pubs and your own media!

The working holiday UK visa is available to you and it is a once in a lifetime offer so don't miss out. Not only will you be rewarded financially, you will gain invaluable work experience and make life long friends.

For those with British ancestors then the opportunity to stay on is easier (although at the time this article was being written this was being reviewed by the UK government).

London in particular has a strong market for jobs and career opportunuities and with pleathoria of bufget airlines the rest of Europe is at your finger tips.

There has never been a better time to live and work in the UK. With one of the strongest economies in Europe, the 2012 Olympics ahead and a real sense properity you would be mad to miss out!

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