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Travel insurance?

If you are new to London or looking at travel from London to Europe and beyong then check out our London Travel Insurance guide for the best deals. Other people may like to check out travel insurance for the over 80 if they are looking for over 85s insurance to europe and beyond.

Exciting Events Happening in the UK...

If you are into food then you should attend the Monmouth Food Festival

Tips for Australians living in London

So if you are thinking of taking out that working holiday visa and coming over to live in London then be sure to check out our guide for Australians Living in London

London Olympics 2012s

The countdown has well and trult begun for the London Olympic Games of 2012. Beijing now seems like a distant memory and the worlds attention will soon move to the capital of Britain.

We will be covering the olympic build up with our guide to the London Olympics.

La Tomatina

Joining more than 30,000 red faced, rouge bodied, cherry clothed and rojo haired revellers watching a procession of trucks filled with tomatoes may not appeal to most as an ideal way to spend a Wednesday morning.

La Tomatina continues...

Latest UK Visa News

It is particualrly good if you are coming from a Euro zone or USA, Cananda. Even Aussies are going to be better off by coming to the UK now. Make sure you have good holiday insurance for the over 85s too.

So get over here now!

How to travel cheap!

Carefully consider what's important to you. If you plan to travel for a week, take a few extra days off of work. Minimize your expenses on the less important items. If you're going to fly, consider booking airline tickets right after midnight, when unbooked reservations are released. It's so easy to you; you have a lot of things to consider and often don't have a lot of time to put together cheap travel plans. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your hotel room, then it makes sense to spend a little more for a nicer place to stay. You can take a day trip or two into your original destination to see the major sites, but you'll ultimately pay less.

If you're driving, take the time to make your car as fuel-friendly as possible. Research your currency exchange options. Leave a little wiggle room in your schedule. Take the time to do your research, and be flexible. However, you won't know your exact schedule until the last minute, so you'll need the extra time just in case. If you plan on being out on the town or working during most of your stay, then why spend the big bucks just to sleep there? Simply adding air to the tires can improve your gas mileage and save you money. Instead of going for larger cities with higher airline ticket costs and more expensive lodging, look for a nearby medium-sized city. Luckily, there are some simple steps that you can follow to put your budget travel dreams into motion. When traveling internationally, planning ahead is the key to saving money.

> A working holiday maker's first impression of London

The UK Working Holiday Blog!

Check out are new blog for lots of information on living in the UK, news from back home and working holiday news from around the World.

Ultimate guide to where to live in London near the Tube
Every area of London will be covered from Uxbridge to Bromley and Barnet to Croydon. Of course we will cover all the areas in between as well. This guide will be useful to anyone thinking of moving to London.

> Northern Line from Morden to Tooting Broadway
> Northern Line from Tooting Bec to Clapham South
> Northern Line from Clapham Common to Stockwell

planeBefore you arrive in the UK

Some hints and tips and things to consider before you leave for the UK on a working holiday or extended trip.

> When to come to London and the UK
> Why should I come to the UK for a working holiday?

UK Working Holiday News Headlines

Aussies go home!

Staging the Anzac Day service at Gallipoli is becoming unsustainable with thousands of tourists, big screens, seating, lighting and portable toilets ruining Anzac Cove, a Victoria University academic says.

Australians should stop swamping the peninsula on Anzac Day and instead start marking the occasion on their own shores, associate professor Anne-Marie Hede today said.

Flagging her comments as possibly seeming "unpatriotic" or "blasphemous" Professor Hede said Australians should stop heading to Turkey's Gallipoli Peninsula and instead start marking Anzac Day on their own shores.

"This view is probably not a popular one. After years of Anzac myth-making, justifiably based around the Turkish landscape, it might seem unpatriotic," Professor Hede said in a statement.

Aussies are London's biggest drunks!

It is official, the Aussies drink more beer in London than any other nationality, even including the Poles!

According to research carried out by London based 'Working Holiday Mag' has the Aussies top, followed closely by the Irish, then Saffas. The Working Holiday group that drinks the least is Canada. No surprise there.

So the stereotype of the beer swilling Aussie with their Heathrow Injection is alive and well in West London!

UK to crack down on Visa and up costs

UK government, seeking to fund the costs of enforcing immigration rules, said it was considering raising the cost of visas foreign nationals need to live, work and study in the nation.

The Home Office, which currently charges between £265 ($504) and 300 pounds for a residence visa, started a consultation with industry and lobby groups about plans to raise the fee. It didn't specify how much it wanted to raise the cost.

The Home Secretary John Reid has said he plans to double the annual budget for removing illegal immigrants to 280 million pounds by 2010. Part of those costs will be borne by people who need a visa to enter the UK.

> The effects of the EU enlargement on the London job market

> UK Borders to be tightened and automated by 2014

> New rules for those wishing to stay beyond six months in the UK

> New rules for travel health insurance for UK residents visiting EU countries

> New UK managed migration program for Spring 2006

> Asia, Europe to introduce biometric passports by 2010

> Are the parents of Aussies to blame for the lack of skilled workers?


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Piccadilly Circus, London

Featured UK City: London

The Olympic city for 2012 is virtually everyone's first stop off when coming to the UK to work and live. London is the unofficial capital of Europe and has been a magnet for hundreds of years.It now boasts one of the most cosmopolitan populations of any world city.

The successful Olympic bid will only add to London's status in Europe and the world and the inward investment expected will be terrific news for local businesses and working holiday makers alike.

London is home to 9 million residents making it the largest city in Western Europe. London is undeniably one of the most exciting cities on earth and there is something for all tastes.

For working holiday makers London offers a wealth of opportunity for career advancement, personal development and financial security as well. With the strength of the British Pound earning Sterling can seriously boost the bank accounts of those coming from Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand alike.

Introduction to UK Working Holiday

This web site is divided into a number of different sections that should help anyone thinking of coming over to the UK to work and live. We have a UK Working Holiday Visa section with up to date information for those seeking info on working visas.

We also have a section for other types of UK Visas and UK Work Permits.

Check out our working section with lots of tips and tricks about getting ahead in the UK in terms of your career.

We have an extensive section on living costs as well as a general living guide to the UK and London.

London and the UK is not all about working. We have a leisure section to show you what you can get up to after a hard day's slog.

Getting around is essential to get the most out of your working holiday and you need to find that perfect place to live as well.

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