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UK seeing a slow down in the numbers of economic migrants from Eastern Europe

Your London barman is more likely to be a Pole than an Antiopdean

The UK is finally seeing a slowdown in the number of workers entering from the new EU states. The recently made public UK Government reports indicates that around 350,000 migrants have entered the UK, many from Poland and many between the ages of 18 and 34.

After the initial surge of applicants things have begun to settle down now according to the Government report.

The report also indicates that these migranst have been filling the hard to fill jobs shunned by locals. They also indicate that there has been no negative effective on the local job market or an increase in locals claiming social benefits.

Poles are slowly replacing the traditional Aussie or Kiwi behind the bars in London. The antipodeans are more likely to be wearing a suit in the office than pulling pints.

Britain is one of only three EU states that have opened their doors since enlargement. Many favour London because of the chance to learn English and the ability to earn good money.

There has been some criticism aimed at the government over the policy with the new EU states. In particular trades people in London feel that their Eastern European counterparts have been under-cutting them by some margin as they have lower expectations and living costs.

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