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Guide to living on the Northern Line - Clapham North, Clapham Common and Stockwell

Looking at living in South London near the tube?

StationNorthern Line from Clapham Common to Stockwell

This is an extremely popular area of South London extending from Stockwell in the North to Clapham Common in the south.

August 2010

Clapham Common - It has a lot going for it!

Clapham Common is popular with many different socio economic groups. There are excellent schools in the area and the transport links are excellent with the Northern Line and Clapham Junction overland stations nearby.

The common itself, one of the largest in metropolitan London is a big draw in itself and offers lots of open space in this otherwise congested area of London.

Clapham Common has Clapham High Street as well with a mixture of High Street shops, trendy bars and restaurants.

For a shared room in a house in Clapham Common near the Common you would expect to pay around £110 per week rising to £130 a week for something quite nice.

One bedroom flats would be around £850 a month minimum rising to £1200 for an apartment overlooking the common.

Why would you live in Clapham Common?

The common itself, lots of nice places to wine and dine, the High Street and the cute little cinema. Quite a prestigious place to live as well.

Why would you not live in Clapham Common?

Clapham can be quite expensive. The roads are congested, particularly the South Circular.

Clapham North - the poor relation of the Clapham family?

Clapham North is at the northern end of Clapham High Street and is often looked upon as the poor neighbour to it's glamorous neighbour nearer the Common.

It is not all bad news though. Prices are considerably cheaper around this end of the High Street and you are still near the High Street anyway. The character of the area is more akin to Stockwell and Lambeth though.

Transport links are pretty good with the Northern Line and Clapham High Street overland station that is one stop from Clapham Junction.

For a room in a shared house you are looking around £90 to £110 a week and for a one bedroom flat expect to pay around £750 per month.

Why would you live in Clapham North?

Cheaper than Clapham Common and you can still walk to all the amenities that are listed under the Clapham Common section.

Disadvantages of Clapham North

The area is nearer Stockwell and has slightly higher crime than you would get further down the Northern Line.

Stockwell - Popular inner-city area that's well connected

Stockwell is well connected. Two of the most useful lines (The Northern Line and Victoria Line) runs through Stockwell. Stockwell is also a major hub for buses and night buses.

The area is certainly up and coming and provides a large range of living options from shared housing to ex-local authority flats.

Stockwell's wining and dining scene is n't exactly the envy of Clapham and Balham further up the line but it is only 10 minutes or so to get to these areas for a night out. It is also very quick to get into the West End from Stockwell and Brixton is just one stop away as well.

You would expect to pay around £90 to £120 per week for a double room in a shared house and one bedroom flats tend to go for £750 per month depending whether they are on an ex-local authority estate or not.

Why would you live in Stockwell?

Excellent transport links towards Central London as well as heading South.

Why would you not live in Stockwell?

Still viewed as a run down area lacking the investment that surrounding areas have had. Not much in the way of nightlife.

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