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Clapham South, Balham, Tooting Bec where to live guide

StationNorthern Line Area Guide - Tooting Bec to Clapham South


Welcome to our guide to living near the Northern Line.

This part of the Northern Line in one of the most desirable areas to live in South London. The area is popular with young professional people and has great wining and dining.

We are starting at Tooting Bec through Balham to Clapham South.

Tooting Bec - The trendy part of Tooting?

Tooting Bec is approximately 30 minutes from Central London on the Northern Line. This is one of the last stations where getting a seat in the morning rush hour is a realistic prospect! Tooting Bec has certainly come on recently and is closer in nature to trendy Balham than it's down-at-heel neighbour down Tooting High Road.

Tooting Bec is a thoroughly nice place to live. The best area is around Tooting Common where wide tree lined avenues and huge houses are characteristic. From here you can easily walk to Balham which is a bonus as there are smarter restaurants and bars there. It is still a popular area with families but many of the large houses have been divided up into flats and studios.

You would expect to pay around £700 / month for a one bedroom flat, around £100 /week for a double room and studio apartments can be had for £550 upwards (if you're lucky).

Why would you move to Tooting Bec?

You have the benefit of being close to the excellent Indian cafe and cosmopolitan feel on Tooting Broadway as well as more conservative area of Balham.The area has plenty of open spaces and a nice cafe society feel.

Why would you not move to Tooting Bec?

If you want cheaper rent you might look towards Broadway. For the same amount of money you might get live in Balham which is slightly nicer.

Balham - No longer the wannabe Clapham

Balham is around 27 minutes from Central London on the Northern Line. While a long time poor neighbour to Clapham, Balham is now a good area in it's own right and is now attracting more and more young professionals. Balham has some great bars and cafes and also boasts some good sporting facilities. Parts of Balham are also near the wide open spaces of Tooting Common.

Balham has the added advantage of an overland train line with trains from Victoria and Clapham Junction running onto Croydon and other South London suburbs. Balham also has quite a few large supermarkets.

It is easy to pick up many shared houses (double rooms) for around £100 a week and One bedroom flats tend to go for anything over £750.

Why would you live in Balham?

Great facilities, trendy area and lots of fellow young professional people to keep things lively.

Why would you not live in Balham?

Expensive but without the prestige of Clapham. Traffic and parking can be a problem as well.

Clapham South - The jewel of the southern Northern Line?

Clapham South is around 25 minutes from Central London and has easy access to the South Circular road and the A24 for getting out of the capital. This is about as desirable an area on the southern part of the northern line.

In terms of eating and drinking Clapham South has some excellent options which pleases it's well-monied residents. Clapham South is located at the southern end of Clapham Common so there is plenty of open space.

Rents for one bedroom flats start at around £800 and you can pick up a studio for £700. There are lots of lovely victorian houses around Clapham that have been converted in shared houses and a double room in a nice house should not cost more than £120 per week.

Why would you live in Clapham South

Great road and rail links. Next to Clapham Common and close to Clapham High Street. The prestige of course!

Why would you not live in Clapham South


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