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UK Working Holiday Guide

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Tips for Australians living in London

Australians looking to move to London may think it can be a stressful thing, but with the right tips, the process can be easier. So some tips for Australians thinking about moving to London for their working holiday include, getting a working holiday visa.

This visa will allow you to work, travel, attend college, or visit for a specified period of time. The process is the same with any type of visa. The person needs to first, know where they plan to live or work while in the UK.

If a student plans on attending college, then the college needs to be contacted, so that necessary forms are filled out in the right amount of time. Once the necessary forms are filled out, an interview will be conducted.

Before going into the interview, a person needs to bring all necessary forms of ID, bank statements, college transcripts, if going to college, and information on sponsor.

The interviewer needs to know if the person has the needed funds to travel to the UK. Also, there may be an application fee. Once a person is approved, they may travel to the UK now. The visa may be valid for up to five years.

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