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Should Australian Parents be to blame for the lack of skilled workers in Australia?

Skills shortages in Australia

A controversial new study in to the growing skills shortage in Australia is blaming parents for this problem.

Parents are said to be pushing their children towards white collar and professional jobs rather than focusing on the trades.

The problem appears to begin when the students leave school. The eager parents then want to see their children enrolled onto prestigious course such as law and medicine rather than traditional vocational degrees.

Australia's Skills Shortage Areas

There a shortage of manual workers in industries such as construction and mining, with some projects delayed as a result. There is also a huge gap in the numbers needed in rural communities throughout Australia.

As a result of the lack of skills in the countryside farmers are having to turn to foreign labour to provide for the short fall.

Employers are placing greater emphasis on practical experience

This is not just the case in Australia but is certainly true in the UK and other western nations. Many more youngsters are heading to university and entering the job market with no relevant skills.

In Australia many believe that private colleges are better equipped to provide students with more in demand skills compared to Universities.

Jobs unfilled in Australia continues to rise

In November, the latest stats from the Department for Immigration suggest Australia's skills shortage is set to continue and could have a negative effect on the growth of the economy.

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