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Getting Around London and the UK - London Transport

Piccadilly Circus, LondonTransport Options in London and the UK

Despite what the locals might say the UK and London in particular is very easy to get around. There are sometimes issues with delayed trains and clogged up motorways but generally getting around in not a problem.

In London the 'Tube' or London Undergound dominates publisc transport and living near a tube station can be hugely beneficial.

The rail network in London and the rest of the UK is highly developed and despite its' critics new rolling stock and updated lines is helping modernise the system.

Key Links for London and UK Transport

The trainline.com is where you can book all types of train ticket for all train operators in the UK...

> Link to Trainline.com

Big Bus Tours for London and other major cities

> Link to Big Bus

The London Pass - £40 off sightseeing around the capital

> Link to the London Pass

London Underground Iconic Sign

The London Underground or The Tube

Love it or hate it the London Underground or 'The Tube' as it is more widely known is an essential part of the transport network in London. Up to three million people a day depend on it.

The tube network is made up of different lines which are all represented by specific colors. At first it can all look a bit confusing but most people get used to the map that has become famous world wide.

For up-to-date information regarding the Tube head to the Transport for London web site.

The UK Road Network

The UK has an extensive motorway system. Currently there is only one toll road in the UK, a section of the M6 north of Birmingham. Motorways, A Roads (main trunk routes) and minor B road are fairly well maintained.

Travelling by road can work out cheaper than public transport especially if you share. You also have the flexibility of travelling when it suits you. One drawback to travelling by car is the congestion on the roads. This will be particularly noticeable if you are coming from Australia or New Zealand!

One thing to note is that there is now a congestion charge in place for Central London. This works out at £5.00 a day. There are plans to extend the charge further across London.

London and the UK Railway Network

British railways maybe date to Victorian times but a movement towards modernisation is slowly happening. In London there are half a dozen rail lines that fan out to all parts of the UK. Journey times can be varied and do not always depend on geographical distance.

Check out the useful sites section for information on train companies and schedules.

The UK Coach Network

Coach travel in the UK is very extensive and can offer very good value especially when compared to trains. Generally, they will take more time than travelling by rail but if you are not in a hurry they can be ideal.

The main coach network is National Express - www.gobycoach.com which covers virtually the whole of the UK.

There are some new coach companies offering some outrageously cheap deals.

Airlines and flights in the UK and beyond

Although the UK is a small country, flying can be a very cheap and effective way to get around. There are a number of carriers that provide internal flights including the national carrier British Airways.

The popularity of the European budget airlines such as www.ryanair.com and www.easyjet.com, has meant flying beyond the UK is now very affordable. London Stanstead and London Luton are the hubs for budget airlines in the UK but a growing army of regional based airlines such as flybe.com are emerging.

For more information links to flights to Europe go here.

> Link to Air France UK for flights from the UK

> Link to Opodo for flight booking to Europe

> Link to Expedia for flights to Europe

> Lastminute.com for flights worlwide

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